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Dental Implants in Orange Park, Jax Beach, & Jacksonville

Our procedure for dental implants in Orange Park will leave you with the most natural feeling replacements for missing teeth.  A dental implant is a small titanium post that is inserted into the jawbone. During healing, titanium fuses to the bone in a process called "osseointegration." The implant becomes extremely rigid, creating an excellent anchor to attach either a crown, a bridge or even a denture. Dental implants are extremely safe and have been used in dentistry for close to 50 years. Our modern dental implants in Orange Park have a success rate exceeding 95% and are many benefits over other treatment alternatives. If a tooth has been missing for some time, the body may have lost the bone that once supported the tooth. It is possible to rebuild lost bone structure utilizing bone grafting techniques such as Ridge Augmentation or Sinus Grafting.


Learn more about bone grafting for your tooth replacement in Jacksonville.

Choose Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

How do dental implants work in Jacksonville? Our board-certified periodontists recommend implants when you have one or more missing teeth. These offer a comfortable and permanent alternative for tooth loss. With implants, you don’t have to suffer the discomfort of dentures or the embarrassment when they slip and slide in your mouth.
Your implants become a part of your mouth that you can count on for a beautiful smile and full functionality. These permanent replacement teeth make eating easier and speech clearer. Also, as it’s not necessary to alter other teeth during implantation, these are better for your overall oral health. Talk to one of our three periodontists to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

Single Tooth Replacement in Jacksonville

Dental implants can be used for many applications. If you're looking for a single tooth replacement in Jacksonville, there is not a more natural alternative.  A dental implant-supported crown allows normal oral hygiene procedures as opposed to a tooth-borne bridge which requires special flossing techniques. Unlike with a bridge, where adjacent teeth are shaved down to accommodate the prosthesis, an implant does not rely on adjacent teeth for support. For this reason, bridges show an increased possibility of decay or nerve irritation that would require a root canal.
If you're wanting to make an appointment for your tooth replacement in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, or Orange Park, FL check out our locations page for more information.

Single tooth missing
single tooth implant

Implant Bridge

Dental implants can also be used for segments of missing teeth. Before implants, dentists restored large edentulous areas with removable partial dentures or very long span bridges. Patients often complain that "Partial Dentures" lack stability and retention. Even worse, plaque tends to accumulate around these prostheses, causing decay and even tooth loss. With a long-span bridge, oftentimes the supporting structures would sag and bend due to the opposing biting forces. In these situations, dental implant-supported bridges are a significant improvement!

full arch implant
full arch implant

Full-Arch Replacement

Removable Dentures are widely known to cause frustration and discomfort for their owners. This is because over time, the bone and gum support for the denture decreases drastically, changing the way their dentures fit.

Dr. Kuznia, Dr. Storch and Dr. Bianco can help by installing implants to help anchor a denture. Dental implants have been scientifically shown to reduce the bone loss associated with tooth loss and dentures. Implants can help stabilize loose dentures, prevent future bone loss and give the wearer the confidence to talk, chew and smile again. With enough implants, the need for removable dentures may be eliminated altogether!

Full arch implant
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