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Trusted Periodontal Therapy in Jacksonville

Great Health Starts With Your Smile!


At Modern Periodontics, your oral health is our focus. Our team is dedicated to providing care with professionalism and compassion so that your dental experience is enjoyable.

Your smile is important to us. We specialize in keeping your smile healthy so that you can live your life confidently. We treat all the conditions affecting the support system for your teeth, the periodontium.

As Board Certified Periodontists, we are dedicated to providing excellent periodontal health through education, prevention and treatment. Dr. Kuznia and Dr. Storch have studied the most modern techniques to assess and treat your conditions.

We are experts in periodontal therapy in Jacksonville, tooth replacement with dental implants, treatment of diseased dental implants, hard and soft tissue grafting,  including lanap gum surgery in Jacksonville, and cosmetic therapies to enhance the appearance of your smile and gums.

We realize each patient is unique, from disease conditions to outcome expectations. For these reasons, each of you deserve individualized attention and personal care.  It is our highest priority that your privacy is respected.

We recognize this may be a new experience for you. Our goal is to provide state of the art periodontal therapy in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, and Orange Park, FL in a friendly, comfortable environment. Our doctors have completed additional training for surgeries, and methods of patient comfort, including lanap gum surgery in Jacksonville so we can offer multiple forms of treatments & sedation to make your experience stress-free. Our team has safely performed hundreds of these procedures on a yearly basis.

We know choosing your healthcare providers is an important choice, and we cherish the opportunity to help you. Call us at one of our four convenient locations in: Arlington, Baymeadows, Jacksonville Beach, & Orange Park. If you just have questions, feel free to contact us here.

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal Therapy is a three-step process. Diagnosis by a specialist is the most accurate way to assess your conditions. Treatment is always followed by maintenance by our team of hygienists to ensure long-term success. 

Laser Surgery

Once periodontitis has caused bone loss and pocketing, additional procedures may be necessary to arrest the disease process.  Traditionally, periodontal surgery included cutting and sewing the gum tissues, which resulted in significant post-treatment discomfort and longer looking teeth. Now, we have an alternative!

Implant Therapy

Implants are the most natural replacements for missing teeth.  Dr. Kuznia and Dr. Storch have safely placed many implants and treatment can be completed in as little as three months!

Patient Comfort

Ensuring your comfort is important. Multiple forms of sedation are utilized for patients that experience significant anxiety during dental visits or for difficult and lengthy procedures. Medications specific to the patient's needs are used to relax the patient throughout the procedure.


Recession may be unsightly. But worse, it is an indicator of gum disease. Drs. Kuznia and Storch have extensive training in rebuilding lost tissues. After careful examination, they will select the soft tissue grafting techniques that best fit your condition.

Orthodontic Services

Orthodontic treatments like braces help move teeth that are misaligned or that do not fit together correctly. Our periodontists work with your orthodontist in several ways to help keep your mouth healthy.

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