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Implant Therapy

Dental implants can be an excellent replacement for natural teeth. The key to success in implant therapy is the bone to which the implant is anchored to.  When teeth are removed, the supporting is lost as the jaw remodels, leaving inadequate support for a dental implant. Several Bone Grafting techniques have been developed to preserve or rebuild the bone necessary to support a dental implant.


The most important time to intervene is at the time of tooth removal.  When an empty socket heals, there is a very large space to overcome.  The wound contracts significantly, compromising our ability to place a dental implant. A bone graft at the time of tooth removal prevents the wound from contracting, resulting in little to no loss of bone volume. This is called a Ridge Preservation Bone Graft.

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As time progresses after tooth loss, more bone dissolves and the bone can become short and thin. The bone volume may be deficient and rebuilding is necessary.  In this case, a Ridge Augmentation Bone Graft can be placed next to the thin bone and allowed to heal for up to six months. After the graft has fused to your pre-existing bone, the ridge will be re-entered and the implant placed.

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The upper back jawbone is regarded as one of the most difficult areas to successfully place dental implants. Why?

Sinuses essentially function as airways allowing air to pass, much like an empty room. Some of the roots in your upper teeth extend up into your sinuses. When these teeth are removed, the sinus expands, further reducing the bone available for dental implants. If a dental implant is placed in such a location, much of the implant will be surrounded by the air!

With a, Sinus Graft Procedure, bone is added to the sinus to increase support for dental implants. The procedure takes less than two hours and may be accomplished with simple local anesthetic, just like when you get a filling on a tooth.

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Drs. Kuznia and Storch have performed numerous bone augmentation procedures and are looking forward to helping you! If you've ever considered a dental implant restoration, please contact us for more information.

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